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Kitchens, Bathrooms, and More

Artistic Granite & Marble has provided the highest quality granite countertops in central Kentucky since 2003.  We are a family owned, Nicholasville based company serving both residential and commercial customers throughout central Kentucky.


Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.  We welcome you to our showroom and slab room where you'll choose from a large and ever changing assortment of colors. We will assist in selecting the right stone for you, with room for endless customization. We then fabricate your project to your exact specifications, and quickly install it to provide the most hassle-free experience possible.





Experience Matters

As one of the most experienced granite companies in Central Kentucky, Artistic Granite & Marble has established itself with nearly two decades of superior quality and customer service.  Our expertise allows us to offer the absolute best care and creative solutions during your project.

Technology Matters

We consistently seek to excel technologically.  At the beginning of the project, we generate a template of your kitchen with laser precision to ensure a tight fit. We were also the first in the area to do our cutting with a computer controlled water jet, which allows us to make complex curves and other shapes that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional bridge saw. Our newest additions include our robot which uses technology to layout your kitchen template and cut it seamlessly while our crew has more time to work on the perfect polish and edges. This allows more precision and efficiency than we have ever experienced. We also have added a new water filtration system which allows us to use less water and recycle the water we have already used. 

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